Hi. I'm Mohanad.

I'm a Software Engineering Student & Freelance Web Developer

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Malibu, CA

Welcome to my personal website! In here, you will find out everything about me. You can scroll down to discover more about my portfolio and ways to contact me. Before doing so, I shall briefly introduce myself! I am a 21 year old student studying at Concordia University in Montreal. Currently, I am in my 2nd year of education pursuing a Bachelors in Software Engineering. Up to now, my experience has been wonderful. I meet interesting people that share similar interests. My network is growing day-by-day and I learn things that motivate me to pursue my career path. The ultimate goal right now is to graduate and this website will be used to share everything I learn as I go. For my school assignments and personal projects, you can find them in the portfolio section. If you are ever interested in checking out my other social networks (GitHub, LinkedIn, etc...) or to contact me, you can go to the contacts section.


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2 years of experience in object-oriented programming with user interface & data structures.

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1 year of experience with HTML, CSS & back-end development used to develop this website.

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7 years of experience in photoshop designs for youtube content creators & business affairs.


Below you will find my favorite projects & school assignments

CPU image

Building a CPU

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Want to see more? Check out my GitHub


If you need a website or any designs, feel free to contact me so we can design together! Also, if you see any bugs in the website, please let me know so I can fix it. Otherwise, if you just want to talk, shoot me an email!